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Hobart Crest, a cloud-based bookkeeping and accountancy firm was founded in 2015. Quality bookkeeping and accounting are central to all aspects of accounting from data entry to producing consumable reports. 

The approach in our dealings with start-up businesses, business owners, business directors or self-employed businesses is to understand where they are as a business, trajectory of vision, direction of travel and how we can support this from an accounting point of view.

It is vital that the health of any business is monitored. Sales are welcoming but independently do not indicate a healthy business. Whether your business is making profits, losses or just about hanging in there, regular cashflow reports show how much cash is spent or retained. This contributes to and in most cases the sustainability and longevity of your business.

It is also essential that any prudent business monitors its existing & developing key performance indicators and where possible identify any favourable or adverse impacts. This is crucial and encapsulated in the services we offer.


We do not hesitate to ask questions to ensure that a true and fair view is presented.


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